Understanding the Different Types of CopyPress Blog Styles

The most common content assignment for our writers is the standard blog article. Unless otherwise specified, all our blogs should be written using the AP style. Additionally, the blog article will typically follow some of the styles mentioned below.

Topic Breakdown – This blog style takes one main topic or idea and dissects its different parts in extreme detail. Each supporting section in this article should point back to the central topic.

Example: Credit Score Blueprint: Everything You Need to Know — Lifed.com

Lists/Countdowns – This blog style takes one theme and provides a list or countdown of relevant sub-topics. When writing list-based blog articles, remember to:

  • Only use numbers in subheadings when the numbers are relevant to the text (such as a countdown)
  • Don’t stick with boring top ten lists
  • Use random numbers in lists (13 Largest, Top 22, 18 Shortest)
  • Don’t make boring best and worst lists
  • Make use of words ending in –est (Shortest, Prettiest, Biggest, Strangest)

Example: The 7 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Movies of the Decade — Cracked.com

Steps/How-To – This blog style takes a complex activity or idea and provides a methodical discussion for accomplishing said activity or idea. The supporting sections of this style blog article should be thorough, directive, and include photos when relevant. Additionally, use numbers in subheadings in numerical order to show sequencing.

Example: How To Make the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg— GoodHousekeeping.com

Evolution of Something/Timeline – This blog style has a specific event or activity that the blog article is building up or staging. The supporting sections should discuss the event or provide context to the concluding point. Remember to:

  • Use numbers and/or dates in the subheadings
  • Show when, how and/or why something happened

Example: This is How Dramatically Women’s Makeup Has Changed Throughout History — Buzzfeed.com

Graphic Focused – This blog style takes a central theme and uses images, videos, or other graphics to cover the topic. Writers will focus more on curating than actually writing long-form copy. Remember that:

  • The graphics are usually curated first
  • The text is written to support the graphics

Example: 38 of the Most Surreal Beaches and Coastlines on the Planet — MatadorNetwork.com

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