Understanding the Writer Onboarding

If you want to work as a Writer for CopyPress, you’ll need to complete the onboarding steps found in the Training Checklist section of our CMS.

1. Verify your email

The first step after you register will be to verify your email. You will have a notification bar on your training page until you verify. Simply go to your email and click the verify email link to have that notification removed.

2. Select the “Writer” position to view the required steps

If you want to pursue the writer position, simply select the box to the left of “Writer” inside your training dashboard.

3. Complete General Account Information

To get started, click “Complete general account information” in the Writer Certification Checklist to bring up a box with your account information. You have four required fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Contact Email
  • Timezone

The other fields are optional but are highly recommended. Please take a second to add an Avatar Image to your account so that our project managers can better identify you.

4. Complete Writer Questionnaire

Once you complete your general account information, you will then be asked to complete a writer questionnaire. We want to know what languages you can write fluently in, what your desired word rate is as a writer, and if you’ve ever worked as a writer for CopyPress in the past. With regards to the per word rate, we use this information to try and offer projects that fall inside your range. We may offer you assignments outside your range from time to time, but we do our best to respect your desired pay rate.

Note: We also ask you to recognize that you will need to pass onboarding tests before you are eligible for work. You’ll also be on a trial period once you are hired so that we can assess you further.

5. Take and Pass Multiple Choice Test

CopyPress vets all writers for certain skills and knowledge. The first step in this vetting process is to pass a short multiple choice test. You have approximately 30-minutes to answer 15 multiple choice questions ranging from general grammar to our company’s process and policies. You must score at least an 80% in order to move to the next test.

Once you pass the test, you’ll return to the training checklist to complete the next step. If you fail the multiple choice test, you can retake it again.

6. Take and Pass Practical Test

After you pass the multiple choice test, you’ll then be required to complete a practical test. The practical test requires you writing a 300-word article based on the prompt provided. It tests your ability to follow directions, understand our CMS software, and your general writing capabilities. Once you complete your test article, you will need to submit and wait for our QA team to review and grade your article. If we find that you are on the fringe of passing, we may submit an edit request with notes for corrections we want you to make to your submission. Otherwise, you will receive a pass or fail along with feedback within 72-hours of your submission.

Note: This is an unpaid written test, required by all writers to enter into our community as a certified writer.

7. Complete W9 & Payment Information

Once you pass the practical test, the last step is to complete your W9 information and payment details. To eliminate any tax fraud or payment errors, we ask you to please double check all your payment and W9 information before you submit. If you have an LLC or business EIN that you want to be paid through, please input that information in this section.

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